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Motion Graphic Animation

Motion Graphic Animation

Why Do You Need Motion Animation for Your Business?

Industries We Cover for Motion Graphics Animation

  • ● Science & Technology
  • ● Software
  • ● Education
  • ● e-Learning
  • ● Data & Networks
  • ● Retail & Media
  • ● Financial Services

ITypes of Motion Graphics Animation

  • ● Animated Logos
  • ● Animated Typographies
  • ● Graphic loops
  • ● Animated explainer videos
  • ● Product animation
  • ● Animated ads
  • ● Template editing

Motion Graphics WorkFlow

Process Flow


Stage 1

Project Planning


Stage 2



Stage 3

Storyboard making


Stage 4



Stage 5



Stage 6

Style frame

Why Choose Lotus Animation?

At Lotus Animation, we work with Global brands with our team of artists, script-writers, and communication experts to produce a motion graphics animation for your businesses that meets all your communication objectives.

Be it to attract new customers or get better onboarding, we are happy to take-up the challenge and help you build your brand with our motion graphics production process.


How many people will work on my video?

Depending on the project: for small projects only one artist will work on the complete animated video; for larger projects multiple artists will work on separate elements of the same animation work keeping the theme and falour of the animation same in all elements.

How long should my video be?

Marketing videos should be of two minutes or less. Sales and outreach videos should be under 60 seconds. Explainer videos can be longer up to 10 minutes.