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Illustration Art Services

Illustration Art Services

Illustration Services We Offer

  • ● Children’s Book
  • ● Storyboard Services
  • ● Books
  • ● Branding
  • ● Product Designing
  • ● Comics
  • ● Magazines
  • ● Images
  • ● Vector
  • ● PoP Art


At Lotus Animation we help clients to tell their brand story using illustration and animation to express complex business goals and ideas making your brand stand out and be more memorable in your niche. Our illustrations make your brand more recognizable which enables you to sell more products or services to help achieve your sales goals.

Illustration Process Flow

Process Flow


Stage 1

Our illustration design process starts by defining the scope of the creative work. We will discuss with you to finalise the style requirements by reviewing past sketch samples and existing illustrations if any.


Stage 2

Our artists will then create line art and hand sketches for the initial approval of the draft, hues and textures before commencing the illustration process.


Stage 3

Our artist will work on the illustration and will finalise after an internal review of the finished work. We offer multiple design versions to our clients for approval.

Why Choose Lotus Animation?

  • ● We ensure high privacy and security to maintain the confidentiality of our client’s creative products.
  • ● Our work is consistent and high-quality which results in 99% compliance with the initial illustration requirements.
  • ● We create digital art and illustration for clients from multiple industries.
  • ● We employ a customer-centric services approach to meet the specific requirements such as scheduling needs, budgets, design requirements for each client.


What type of illustration work have you done?

Lotus Animation have created illustrations for websites, infographics, animation, comics, game apps, and marketing print materials.

Can you advise me in deciding on the type of illustration by brand needs?

Yes we give a free consultation! We also advise and decide along with clients during the planning and research stage of the project.

What information do I need to provide to ensure a successful illustration project?

We need a detailed description of the desired illustration. Even a rough sketch will come in handy. Rest assured our expert artists will easily grasp your requirements and develop creatives.

What will I get in my final deliverables?

Our final deliverables include print ready files in the formats demanded by you.