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Game Animation Development

Game Animation Development

Why Choose Lotus Animation?

Mobile Game Art, Design & Animation

Our game animation development services stretch far beyond arcade development. We design costumes, characters, symbols, weapons, backgrounds. Our Game animation development services focuses on:

  • ● Building gaming worlds that captures the scale, depth and imagination of the games
  • ● Creating art for mobile games that stand out in the crowd
  • ● Capturing the full extent of the user’s imagination with graphics, arcade, character design, weapon design, multi-dimensionality and more.

Genre We Cover

  • ● Sandbox Real-time strategy
  • ● Shooters
  • ● Multiplayer online battle arena
  • ● Role-playing
  • ● Simulation
  • ● Sports
  • ● Puzzlers
  • ● party games
  • ● Action-adventure
  • ● Survival
  • ● Horror
  • ● Platformer

Motion Graphics WorkFlow

Process Flow


Stage 1

Concept documentation


Stage 2

Project plan


Stage 3

Architecture design


Stage 4



Stage 5


Types of Game Animation Development

● Mobile Game animation development

● NFT Game animation development

● PC Game animation development

● UNITY3D Game animation development

● Console Game animation development

● iOS Game animation development

● Android Game animation development

● Cross-platform Game animation development


What is your video production process?

Our video production process includes:

Pre-production: The pre-production phase includes video goals, budget, scope, story selection, project timeline, script creation, talent acquisition, equipment needs, location scouting.

Production: The production phase includes setting up sound, lighting, video equipment, Recording voice overs, capturing b-roll.

Post-Production: Producing the final story, music selection, video editing, reviews, approvals, final delivery.

How long does it take to make a video?

Depending on the nature of the project our video creation can take up to 2-4 weeks to complete. For simple projects we can create videos in 10 days.

How many revisions do I get?

As many revisions needed to meet the initial animation concept.