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3D Animation Development

3D Animation Development

Types of 3D Animation Development Services

Why Choose Lotus Animation?

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced 3D animation developers who create still-images and videos for multiple global brands. We create 3D character design, product ads, explainer videos, background graphics for webapps, mobile apps and more.

With each 3D animation project we try to bring a new story to life. With each iteration we develop new ways to blend animation with content to deliver an impactful story to the viewers.

Genre We Cover

  • ● Sandbox Real-time strategy
  • ● Shooters
  • ● Multiplayer online battle arena
  • ● Role-playing
  • ● Simulation
  • ● Sports
  • ● Puzzlers
  • ● party games
  • ● Action-adventure
  • ● Survival
  • ● Horror
  • ● Platformer

3D Animation Design Workflow

Process Flow


Stage 1

Idea generation


Stage 2

Script writing


Stage 3



Stage 4

3D modelling


Stage 5

3D animation


Stage 6

Story creation


Stage 7



Stage 8

3D layout


Stage 9

3D texturing


Stage 10



What is 3D Animation?

3D animation is the creation of characters, objects, and backgrounds in motion using 3D animation tools such as 3Ds max, Maya, Cinema 4D, etc.

What is the Process of 3D Animation?

Pre-planning – Planning the stages necessary to create the 3D animation. Determining the objects, characters that will be animated.

Blocking – Also called layout designing where the blocks are defined and designed in a well-planned manner.

Proper lighting – 3D models must be under proper light in animation. Various virtual light sources can be used in real-life scenes.

Final Rendering – The final 3D models are textured and lit as required, the rendering process commences and completed as per the schedule

Why Outsource 3D animation services?

Modern technology makes it possible to take full-advantage of the 3D animation services. Instead of hiring an in-house team and purchasing expensive tools, you can outsource your 3D animation work and get it done cost-effectively.